Reason Behind Delay Of BSOP High Roller Final Table

The BSOP (Brazilian Series of Poker) is in Sao Paulo currently and the tournament spot was thrilled when Neymar Jr. the Brazilian footballer with 5 of his buddies jumped into R$7, 000 High Roller. The Brazilian Series of Poker will have the football pro and the excitement has doubled up due to his presence. Post playing for 12 hours, the 288 entry field was brought down to the final 19. The Brazilian football star was in 4th in chips as he worked on his 60,000 beginning stack up to 1,391 million. However, his friends were far behind. The field was back in action on Tuesday with the plan to play down to a winner and when Neymar Jr. made it to the final table of 9, there was an announcement made.

Neymar Jr. had a wedding to attend on the same day in the evening. Other players happily agreed to push the date for final table by one day and in return the BSOP took the onus of all additional expenses which included the hotel cost and flight change fees. The football champion had Andre Akkari, the Team Pro of PokerStars with him throughout and he came back to the final table in 6th place with 1.93 million worth chips. Oscar Alache, the two times LAPT pro and Affif Prado, the superior BSOP Player of the year are in contention and currently with 1.52 and 2.105 million each. The other 9 of them are guaranteed with a minimum of R$35, 550 in prize money and the actual winner will gain R$341, 050.

The tournament will be an interesting one with a huge crowd, including supporters of Neymar Jr. The action will take place from 1 pm on Wednesday. Cards will be back on air in Level 23. The wait is on and people are anxiously waiting to see the winner.

Arizona Closed Down The Said Illegal Poker Room

Charges of four for illegal gambling, police say

According to the reports received recently, the authorities in Arizona have raided a place which they say as an illegal poker room. The alleged poker room was operating in the city of Sierra Vista.

Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) officials said that on the move has been taken a nine-month long investigation. After the investigation, it got confirmed that the poker room is there and it is running at an establishment named ‘The Poker Room Live.’

In the raid, police have arrested four individuals and each of them faces charges.

According to the reports, this is the first of its kind of raid in Sierra Vista, which is present nearly 80 miles southeast of Tucson.

The place is home to an over a dozen tribal-run poker rooms, and among these, most of them are located in the Phoenix area. Among them, the largest one is in the state and has nearly 50 tables. It is at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. The closest legal poker room of Sierra Vista is in Tucson.

This is not the first raid at the place; the raid for Poker game is common here. About a year ago, official raided a place and a high-profile bust was caught from the area. In that raid, the official held regular tournaments and low-stakes cash games for its members. After this, raid at The Poker Room Live took place.

Illegal operation of poker clubs in the area is very common at the place and officials are trying everything to curb it completely, however, the complete success is yet to come for them. On the other people’s love for poker game is increasing and they want to make this game legal at their place.

57 Year Old Won 2017 WSOP Seniors Championship

The 2017 WSOP $1,000 buy-in Seniors championship no-limit hold’em event also concluded, and just like past years, this year as well, it attracted a field of 5,389 which is a record.

The event turnout up more than 19 percent, last year the event recorded the participation of 4,499 players. Talking about the prize pool of the event, then it created the prize pool of $4,850,100. Thanks to the incredible number of participants.

The tournament, allowed the players who are 50 years of age or older than that. In the end of the event the big share of that money was won by Frank Maggio who is now 56-year-old. Maggio is from the Calumet City, Illinois after winning the event got the prize of $617,303 and in addition to that he got his life’s first gold bracelet of the WSOP.

After winning the event Maggio said, “Ever since I turned 50, I come here to play in the event of seniors. A couple of years back, I cashed, but this year the event gave me a big surprise.”

This was the first time Maggio made his way to the WSOP final table, and he won it also. Now his name will added in the record books as the winner of the largest ever WSOP seniors championship.

The event was slated originally to last only for three days, but when organizers saw the turnout, then they added another day and the fourth day was added in the tournament for the final table. Maggio made to the final table with nine players and in second chip position. One by one he outlasted all the players and emerged as the winner of the tournament. William Murray was the last opponent of Maggio and he finished in 2nd position.

Paul Wasicka On Poker Life

Wasicka has had notable achievements in several World Series of Poker tournaments.

He had a notable win at the 2007 NBC National Heads up Poker championship where he defeated players like Eli Elezra, Nam Le and others. At WSOP events he has had 14 cash win till date.

The last that was seen of Wasicka was at the 2013 WSOP. Here he was caught talking about the second place finish that he obtained at 2006 WSOP event. He was asked whether he regretted the limelight that he had obtained at that time.

By 2013 it had been a span of seven years since that epic win. However, Paul stated that he had no regrets in how his poker career had progressed since then. He had made several cash wins in tournaments worldwide and today he runs medical marijuana in Colorado. He states that the fame that is associated with wins at the WSOP is something he was not comfortable with.

Paul definitely looked sharp at 2013 event as he did in 2006 but with his glasses he definitely likes to take the attention off his face and eyes, especially when he is playing. Many people still talk about the main event in 2006 when Paul took home the second prize which was a staggering amount of six million. That tournament the main winner was Jamie Gold’s. Even though Wasicka does return to the poker tables once or twice a year, he does not consider himself to be a full time professional player anymore. He has WSOPC titles and NBC Heads Up win in his resume. Wasicka talks about how his experience has been since he became a multimillionaire. He states that the marijuana business he runs is working well, though margins are not as great. Also, you need to be cautious around people when you have made it big.

PartyPoker Live Tour Events 2017

For those who like poker tournaments PartyPoker offers several new events this year.

For instance a live tour is planned which will take place in different countries where the company has its operations. Every tournament in the different places will feature a buy in of $5000 amount where million dollars are guaranteed in the prize pool. Hence, along with the main events of WPT and PokerStars championships, these tournaments would be additional options for pro and recreational players.

The European Poker Tour was also cancelled out by PokerStars this year. Hence, the scene of live tournaments has more opportunities that can be grabbed by rivals like PartyPoker. The company is not new to running live events. It has run several such events in venues like Dusk Till Dawn as well as organized TV tournaments. Hence, the company is not a stranger to running live tournaments. However the company will have rival events like WPT which would be having an expanded schedule this year. PokerStars also has several events lined up this year.

PartyPoker is also planning to have new events that will target different segments of players. Million Nationals is a series that will be targeting the recreational players. The series that is planned will start at the Playground Poker Club of Montreal. This will start in May and will have a main event with a five million prize pool. The company has also added a new brand ambassador in Ireland to expand its operations in this country. Padraig Parkinson joins the team of brand ambassadors that the company has. Parkinson will represent the brand as a pro player in different events such as the main event of Grand Prix Cork that would be hosted in February this year. PartyPoker will definitely be in the news this year with the live tour campaign that it has planned.

Zynga Losses, Worse Than Predicted

When Zynga announced its revenue on September 30, It was expected that it would be better and people were expecting it would be better that their expectations.

But, when the analysis came out, it was completely u turn. Company’s revenue went into loss and that too, to the extent that no one predicted. 43 percent of total revenue of Zynga came from Zynga poker who contributed 19 percent, Hit It Rich contributed 12 percent and Wizard of Oz contributed 12 percent. The total revenue of Zynga for this term is 182.4 million Dollars.

Last year in the same quarter company reported the profit of 3.05 million Dollar. The profit was small and people were expecting the profit this year will be more than what made last year. But Zynga reported loss of 40.7 Dollar in this term on those earning which is a sad part.

Amid all this sad news, a good news coming for Zynga is the company has reported bookings of 196.7 million Dollars for its recent quarter (The payments made are for Zynga free-to-play games).

These bookings have been increased approx up to 12 percent year-over-year. These shows the players are taking interest in Zynga and spending more than what they were doing last year. Nevertheless, these bookings are . It is upside about 34 percent year-over-year.

The Zynga has also reported that the lion’s share of earnings has come from, mobile games, it is accounting 80 percent i.e. 145.9 million Dollars, of revenue in the quarter. It is 16 percent more than what was there in 2015.

Average daily active users of Zynga’s and monthly active users in this quarter have increased and it is happening year-over-year, however, that was mostly driven by users that use mobile to play game or register.

Poker Revenue In Pennsylvania, Rise

Poker rooms in Pennsylvania showcase a trend that has remained unchanged nearly over months as well as years.

If you look at the earnings that are raked in by poker rooms in Pennsylvania you will find that they have raked in an amount equivalent to $4.9 million in the month of August. This is as per the figures that were released by the Gaming Control Board of the state.

There are about 10 poker rooms in the state with a total of 226 poker tables. Pennsylvania also has brick and mortar casinos which are about 12 in number. Two of these casinos do not have traditional poker games in their venues. With 4.9 million dollars being raked in, the casinos pay a collective state tax amount of $691,000. This rake amount was the same as in July which is slightly down from the five million figures that was achieved in August 2015. Every year the state has added two poker tables.

The market for poker in this state can be said to have been experiencing modest growth. Casinos are bringing in about 58.4 million dollars as revenue in a fiscal year as has happened in the fiscal year that ended in June. This was a mark-up from the 56.5 million dollars that was ranked in the previous financial year.

Pennsylvania has definitely done better than the state of New Jersey, which accumulated a total of 4.5 million dollars. This state brought in about two million from online poker rooms. The online poker rooms are yet to be legalized in the state of Pennsylvania. If online casinos are added there would be another $300 million that would be added to the revenue that is earned from the casinos. If the New Jersey scene is taken as an earmark, revenue from online gaming usually contributes to 13 percent in overall revenue.

WSOP 2016’s interesting schedule

The World Series of Poker 2016 schedule is out now and there are a lot of positive changes in store for the summer poker amusement. Whether you are a professional looking for a top title or an amateur player there is something for you in this year’s schedule.

Here, we will look at some schedule and talk about some magnificent changes coming this season. We will also have a look at a few of the coming events as well as some of the tales that are worth following this season.

One of the best alterations on the schedule, at least if you are not a professional player, is the shift of payouts from 10 percent to 15 percent of the pack. That is an extra fifty players per one-thousand that will get a payday in the World Series of Poker bracelet events this season.

Opening up the payouts will let more poker players to reach that aim of their first World Series of Poker cash. Also, they could also get back to making the money on the first day of many events. There are just few more bothering things than coming back on the second day of an event as the short stack and not being near the money.

For a few players, just cashing in a World Series of Poker is more than enough to formalize their playing careers. They are not looking to become a professional and for a few, this could be their only scope at playing in a World Series of Poker event. Opening the payouts by 5 percent offer more players a scope to walk away from a World Series of Poker event with more than just a little tale.

Beth Shak looking to offer $1,000-an-hour poker lessons to ladies

Hi ladies, are you tired of running through dating websites? Well, if you have some cash to spare, then we have news for you. Beth Shak, the former wife of hedge fund manager as well as fellow poker player Dan Shak is giving her card skills to teach ladies a way to search their ideal man at the felt.

A leasing news house stated that the ex Mrs. Shak is now selling a
luxury poker box which has gold-embossed
cards. It is a custom made wood box with chip logo. The set is priced at US$ 129, but pre-orders can get it for US$ 89 and if you are one of the first hundred to order, you would also get an autographed photo of Beth Shak.

Apart from the chip set, Beth is also giving private lessons of the game at US$ 1000 an hour. According to her, this will show women to become victorious in more ways than one. It was in 2000, when Beth entered the poker scene along with her former husband Dan. In spite of having a limited poker skill set at that point of time, Beth managed to get her way into many high-profile events, earning over US$ 480,000 in live events between the years 2008 and 2013.

Apart from her poker skills, she is very well known for her shoe collection. In 2011, she stated that she had 1200 pairs of shoes, worth estimated US$ 500000.

Poker Players have the chance to compete in 9-Day Poker Festival WPT Amsterdam from May 8-16

An announcement was made back in month March by the World Poker Tour and great Holland Casino in which a partnership lasting four years has been signed, which in turn would bring both the WPT National and WPT Main Tour to Netherlands.

WPT Amsterdam will be the first tournament materialized out of the partnership, with a calendar of May 8-16 is poised to become a success as the first of the 14-days schedule event, €330 WPT Warm Up has been already sold out.

The €3,300 Main Event is the prime event of festival which would flag-off on May 11. The starting two days of the Main Event would allow players to make a reentry each day. The Main Event will be covered by a team of reporters from PokerNews Live. A €6,000 High Roller event will be on schedule for the WPT Amsterdam that this will have limitless reentries for players till the second day starts, a single reentry €1,500 Big Stack and more events that would lineup buy-ins ranging from €300-€750.

The editor in chief, Donnie Peters of PokerNews said, “Netherland has a storied and long history with relevance to poker, and it is good news that the first international tournament has been brought to t his great country by World Poker Tour finally.” He further said that the WPT Amsterdam has also got the timing right as the EPT Grand Final is concluding and players can catch the flight from Monaco and quickly reach Amsterdam after the short air travel.

We had already reported in the PokerNews that this WPT Amsterdam schedule is convenient as it piggybacks the Monte-Carlo Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final of the PokerStars. The Monte-Carlo scheduled for a close on May 8. This is great setup for players to participate in another Prime poker event while it allows them to take part in the 2015 Spring Championship by staying in Europe. This online poker tournament is starting 10th of this May.