Chris Moormna: The Winner Of PokerStar Sunday 500

It was Sunday, May 17, when Chris "moorman1" Moorman kept on expanding his unmatched resume of online poker by gaining the top position in the field of 1,000 participants to come first on the PokerStars Sunday 500 which played for $87,400. It denoted the very first victory of Moorman, the first participant to ever arrive at $10 million in online rewards, has come first in that specific competition.

UK Tom Hall Featured in the GPI Rankings again

Today you can easily pinpoint the trailblazing poker pros at the global as well as the national level. This is possible as the Global Poker Index compiles a list of 300 players weekly who have garnered points within the preceding three year period for live tournaments.

Joyce Elmo a player who has built her own way of playing poker

Joyce Elmo is a poker player from United States. Her hometown is Moreno Valley. She is a very talented poker Player.

Using her skills in best possible way she has made herself very successful in poker. The same thing is evident from her earnings. Her total earnings are $58496 at casino. She has total 15 cashes in casino on her name. She has also won 1 career title.

David Kitai Embodies Perspicacity in the Poker Landscape

The poker arenas have attracted many people from all the corners of the world.

Kenny Hsiung, best poker player leading a lovely life.

Kenny Hsiung , from United States have been leading a lovely life now as the poker player after winning enough number of casino cash prizes.

He who lives in Mason have been leading good personal life fulfilling all of his personal wishes like reading books, watching television channels and listening to music. Of the music albums that he has listened to so far he likes the Metallica, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, and Red hot chilli peppers. 48 laws of power is his favorite book. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, True Detective, DeadWood are his choice for watching television.

Richard Ashby - Black Belt Poker Online Player

Richard Ashby is a one of the good and professional poker player. He has born in 1972. ‘Chufty’ is the nick name of the Richard which is given by his college friends at University. The specialty of the ‘Chufty’ name is that frequency of the term ‘chuffed’ used by Richard. His hometown is Watford and country of origin is United Kingdom.

John Juanda-Poker possesses 5 bracelets

When you wish to play a game, you can never forget a game like Poker. This game is something where you need to choose the game’s tactics and you need to really choose the tricks in order to play the game. The game is really easy when you know it a lot. If not, it is a slight tricky too. When you think of poker game, you can really engage in mastering the skill by looking at the pokers play, whereby John is one such professional who does possess 5 bracelets.

Rick Salomon excellent knowledge and thinking player

Jason Mercier: a famous poker player on the cover page of several magazines

Jason Mercier was born on 12th of November of the year 1986. He lives in Hollywood, Florida. He is well known by the name of “treysfull21." He gained much of his fame by winning two championships of World Poker games. He has the title of the most famous European poker player of the year. He is a member of Poker Stars, where he is appreciated for his hard work and constant improvements in his games. He was named as the player of the year 2009 by the Bluff magazine. According the ESPN poker index he is one of the top most ranked players.

Santa Ysabel Gambit perplexes California online poker scene

This week’s declaration by cash-strapped Santa Ysabel tribal nation of a popular rollout of the real money online poker for the people of California, in spite of no formal state rules, has included an concerning new twist to the perpetual saga of the efforts to introduce and modulate the online game in Golden State. Whether or not Santa Ysabels move ahead with their plans stays to be seen.