A Youngster Poker Player

Paul Wasicka was born in 1981 on February 17 in Texas, Dallas. Being a youngster, he thrived onto the sports such as soccer, volleyball and wrestling but he liked to use up a big segment of the time on some intellectual confrontations on chess & backgammon erudite from his parents.

Betting on Poker Games

It matters whose game you watch if you are going to bet on any casino game. This would help you win any game you put your mind to win. However, no matter how prepared you may be, there are other participants who are prepared in winning the game.

Entry into WSOP 2012

Playing a stronger hand in poker is what would help a poker player get an edge over other opponents. Paul Wasicka has become a player that is known for his effective and amazing games. WSOP 2012 is coming and a lot of fans are wondering if he would be playing. The reason for this is because no one can really say except him. A lot of new players are entering World Series of Poker the first time and old players Paul Wasicka are not going to have an easy run. Winning poker is all that matters.

Second Position Makes a Difference

'Nobody remembers who finished second' is an old expression in sports. This is because the winner dominates and makes the second place irrelevant. However, there are some second place winners who cannot be shut up by the winners of sports.

The 2006 World Series Main Event runner-up has the largest second place prize in poker history (over $6.1 million dollars) to start him off in his quest to become a poker legend. And the name of this player is Paul Wasicka.

Focus on Wasicka

Paul Wasicka has won many poker titles including World Series of Poker Classic titles also. Before starting out in the international circuit Paul was a regular player of online tournaments. This helped him sharpen his skills and also provide him with the money so that he can enter into a casino tournament and get the real feeling hands on.

WPT: Graells wins

When most of poker fans were pulled in by the World Poker Tour - World Championship or 26th Marrakesh Poker Open edition, the Saint Vincent city in Italy arranged the World Poker Tour National Series, which is an event of the WPT that sees increasingly winner on this circuit. And for this brand new edition - World Poker Tour National Series St. Vincent assembled a pack of 201 poker players.


The Grand Finale of the RPS (Russian Poker Series) Kiev championship finished on 20th May, last Sunday, with the win of Shuravin who were cheered to this win of the 1st prize of $ 120,000. The event assambled 284 poker fans and it took 5 days of contest to get a champ. Remember that final table was comprised of 8 poker players and the chipleader was Kirill Kustov.


The match between Paul Wasicka and Jamie Gold he set to be the inspiration for the match between Erik Seidel and Johnny Chan. The heads-up encounter was the grand master taking on the rank amateur as Chan had already won the Main Event the previous year and this result represented Seidel's first cash in a major tournament. The final hand was immortalised in the Hollywood poker film, Rounders, and saw both players limp into the pot and the dealer put out the Qs-8d-Th flop. Seidel initially checked, Chan bet 40,000 and Seidel check-raised to 90,000.


Paul Wasicka's name has not been included in the seventh annual National Heads-Up Poker Championship. It will return to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas next month and the excitement began building this week with the announcement of the 64-player field. Defending champion Annie Duke will join the world’s top pros and a handful of celebrities to compete for a record payday when the event kicks off on March 3.


Paul Wasicka is the role model for the WSOP circuit this year after he won the last event. The buy-in and entry free for this year’s main event is down to $1,600 after being at $5,150 a year ago when a field of 96 players entered, creating a prize pool of $449,750. That event was won by 2006 World Series of Poker main-event runner-up Paul Wasicka for $139,422 in prize money.

Among the final nine were established pros Carter Phillips, Dwyte Pilgrim and Matt Stout. Now with a smaller buy-in, this year’s main event is expected to have a larger turnout.